Children's Haircuts
That Make Adults Jealous

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Welcome to the Santa Monica Yellow Balloon Children's Hair Salon. Where you not only get a great haircut but also a fun and happy experience.

About the Yellow Balloon

Since we first opened our doors over 35 years ago we have worked hard to establish a place where kids feel comfortable and look forward to having a haircut.  The Yellow Balloon has become a landmark in Santa Monica to children of all ages as well as adults. The salon is bright and cheerful and newly remodeled with tile floor and bright yellow chairs, accented with red and white styling stations.  

To entertain the kids we have plenty of games, coloring books, toys and books. In addition, we have balloons, cookies, lollipops and other prizes to reward and motivate the children while their getting their haircut.

The Yellow Balloons caters to kids of all ages from babies to teens as well as adults. We offer a full range of hairstyling services from baby's first haircut with photo and certificate -to the latest teenage looks and styles.

Adult services range from color to highlights, from straightening to body waves, from special occasion hairdos to deep conditioning treatments.

First Haircut

For many parents their kid's first haircut can be a special event, however not every child sees it from their parent's point of view. Some small children view it Iike a trip to the doctor for some shots. While others love the attention and the prizes, cookies, lollipops, toys and balloons.

Every baby's first haircut includes a certificate, a lock of hair, balloons and instant photo.


First  Hair Cut